Δημιουργούμε ιδιαίτερα εναέρια και επίγεια βίντεο για ενοικιαζόμενα σκάφη αναψυχής, promo video for yacht rental. Απολαύστε το νέο μας βίντεο για το πολυτελές ιστιοφόρο yacht “Astarte”. Ζήστε την ξεχωριστή εμπειρία του cruising στα πεντακάθαρα νερά του Αιγαίου και γνωρίστε τις κρυφές ονειρεμένες παραλίες με την αίγλη του ξύλινου ιστιοφόρου “Αστάρτη”.

Παραγωγή: 8 Film Productions | Σκηνοθεσία-Κάμερα: Chris Giatrakos  |  Steadicam: Antonis Lekopoulos  |  Drone Filming: Chris Giatrakos


A specialist in Yachting Cruises, ROYAL BLUE offers you its luxury yacht the Astarte and Crew.

You will discover the mellow yet invigorating life of Mediterranean sun and sea, the breathtaking landscapes and sites, and the real Art of Living at Sea on a beautiful Classic Yacht. A dream boat for a dream holiday: Secret coves, Relaxation, Water Sports, Unforgettable Sites, a Crew of Four, Personal Services and Complete Safety | http://www.rbcruises.com

Astarte & history:
The story of the Astarte schooner is linked to the famous Greek ship-owner John S. Latsis and his famous guests, including Prince Charles of England, Princess Diana, President George Bush, the Saudi royal family and actor Marlon Brando. Ranked among the top twelve richest men of all time by Forbes Magazine, John S. Latsis loved the sea and beautiful boats. In the early 1960s, he commissioned a classic yacht to be built in exotic wood from the Psaros shipyard, a signature supplier in Greece several of whose nautical achievements are still plying the Aegean Sea and have been the pride of their owners for generations already. John S. Latsis took possession of the Alcyone in 1964, a schooner with immaculate, elegant lines, spacious and pleasant to live in and exciting to sail. He nicknamed it “my beloved beauty” and enjoyed playing host on his boat to the elite of his day. Today the Alcyone has been rename the Astarte and is dedicated to sea-lovers as a cruising yacht. The new owners have retained the classic charm of old sailing vessels built from warm, noble wood while providing the most up-to-date equipment and facilities. In this way, shipboard guests can benefit from a maximum of comfort and safety.

Technical specifications & state-of-the-art equipment:
The Astarte is a 25-meter long and 6-meter wide schooner that can accommodate up to nine guests. Despite her size, she can easily enter the most beautiful coves and small ports of the Greek islands, due to her shallow draft of just 2.20 meters. With her two masts and a jib boom, with sails mounted in the old tradition, bronze and wood pulleys, and classic hemp rigging, the Astarte looks wonderfully authentic as she runs to windward on a summer’s day across what the Greek epic poet Homer once called the “wine-dark” sea. She also has a powerful 400 horsepower engine that can deliver a 10-knot cruising speed consuming just 70 liters of fuel an hour. The engine is a very recent model (2009) with a three metric-ton gas tank; the ship is also fitted with a four metric-ton water reservoir, making it fully autonomous when needed. The Astarte is naturally equipped with standard safety equipment and ultra-sophisticated navigation systems. A satellite antenna ensures connections to global communication networks, putting Internet and telephone services within reach of all passengers. The AIS (Automatic Identification System) can track the vessel’s location in real-time via the Internet.

Exteriors & Interiors:
When you walk across the Astarte’s teak gangway, you enter the wonderful world of Classic Yachting. Decorated in wood and white paint, the vessel offers a large, luxurious aft deck that would usually be found on ships twice as long. In a luxury yacht decor, you will immediately feel at home amongst its generous facilities. Amidships, there’s a large table and exotic wood chairs for relaxing, or eating meals and snacks served in antique tableware, crystal glassware and Christofle silverware. The tea and coffee services are 1930s art deco, as is the Brazilian rosewood bar. There is also a wine cellar. In the stern, you’ll find a cozy corner with couches and a hammock allowing you to enjoy long periods of personal rest and relaxation. If you prefer to sunbathe alone, there’s a comfortable spot on the central roof, offering a restful space with mattresses. Finally, the foredeck makes a perfect sighting platform for watching dolphins leaping ahead of the bows. Below deck in the Astarte, the exotic wood Lounge is decorated in the style of a Cabinet of Curiosities with giant nautilus shells, Gorgons of the sea, encompassing a Collection of old nautical items.  All passengers can congregate comfortably in one place here, sitting on the huge sofas. Children can sit around the table to play games and share snacks. From the lounge, you can access the four cabins. Furnished with luxurious comfort, the rooms are air-conditioned and fully sound-proofed. They all have their own shower room and toilet so you have perfect privacy throughout the voyage. An assortment of natural products from the Korres luxury range is available. For greater comfort, the entire living area for house guests is isolated from the crew area, located at the other end of the boat.

Life on board, Activities & Crew:
Life aboard the Astarte will offer you a full range of marine pleasures and cruising activities. As well as the Sofas areas where you can sunbathe or relax in the shade of tents if you prefer, the crew can help with multiple other activities, including Water skiing, Stand-Up Paddling, Line fishing, Snorkeling, and Sea bob (mini underwater scooter). The Astarte is also equipped with a fast, rigid-hulled Zodiac boat to carry you swiftly to Greece’s most beautiful deserted beaches. The inflatable relaxation platform with cushions and umbrellas also provides an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing and taking it easy in complete privacy. And you’ll always remember your midnight bathing exploits, thanks to our submarine night-time lighting that transforms the sea around the ship into a magical private pool. The Astarte’s crew is there to help you enjoy yourself to the full. The four crew members will make you feel completely at home with the utmost discretion. Just choose what you want to do and where to go and send in your suggestions, even before you arrive aboard the boat. The Captain is devoted to your well-being and, above all, to your safety aboard the ship in all circumstances. And the Chef will entertain you palate with his special delicacies. He will adapt to all your personal eating requirements, and above all serve you freshly caught fish and lobster. A Nespresso coffee machine and capsules are available, together with a selection of high-quality teas. For cigar aficionados, there’s an onboard cellar with a 50-cigar capacity. The entire crew is on hand to answer all your special requests, including: Under-water diving in licensed clubs, Massage Services, Excursions, and a Helicopter service. And for those who want to stay connected at all times, there is free Internet by satellite.

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